Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to Damascus Road Christian Assembly, where Jesus Christ is always the guest of honor.  Being our honored guest, we place an emphasis on pleasing Him.  We seek to accomplish this through our worship.  True worship is done in "spirit and in truth".  Therefore, you can expect our music which consists of "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" both old and new, to be theological, full of heartfelt adoration, emotion, and always worthy of our Savior.

Furthermore, you can expect expository preaching, because these sermons are the most effective at teaching Biblical truth which produces a Biblical literate congregation.

We are a family friendly church, which not only values the presence of our children in the service, but also their active participation in it.  Our hope and desire is that all who come would feel the love of Jesus Christ through the warmth of His people, and that they would also feel the presence of Jesus Christ through the power of His Holy Spirit.  We look forward to you coming and worshiping with us.


                                                                                                            Pastor Jesse Miller